Jul 12, 2008 at 11:06am IST

Glaring loopholes in Noida double murder case

Noida: Six days of groping in the dark and making contradictory statements later the Noida police finally claims that they have cracked the Noida double murder case but the fact is that they have nothing except circumstantial evidence to back their claims that Arushi's father is the killer.

At the press conference on Friday the police may have declared Arushi's father Dr Rajesh Talwar as her killer – but the fact remains that they have nothing except circumstantial evidence to prove their claim – evidence that may or may not stand scrutiny in court.

Bizarre as it may sound – the police still doesn't have a witness, a clear motive, the murder weapon or any sort of recovery to substantiate their hypothesis.

Missing cell phones:

The cell phones of Hemraj and Arushi haven't been traced yet though the police has cited cell phone records as evidence.

Missing hammer and surgical knife:

Neither is there any trace of the hammer and surgical knife that is supposed to have been used for the murder.

Missing shirt with blood stains:

Also missing are the clothes Dr Talwar wore when he allegedly committed the murder. In the next few days it's the recoveries of these may prove vital to the case.

But perhaps what will be more vital is to determine what role Arushi's mother Dr Nupur Talwar played in the murder.

The Noida police have contradicted themselves over her role. First they said she had been tranquilised, then that she slept through the murders and now they say she may have been an accomplice, if not in the murder then definitely in the cover up. Also under interrogation is Dr Anita Durrani, who according to the Noida Police is having an extra-marital affair with Dr Talwar.

The Noida police have said that more than two people are involved, so we may see more arrests in the coming days.

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