Aug 23, 2012 at 08:54am IST

Glory in a sip

You could say they made as big an impact as Jamaican sprinter, Usain Bolt, but on the health pages of newspapers and magazines.

We’re talking about the ‘super’ drinks sportsmen were swearing by this season.

While beet juice is supposedly the champion drink of all time, two celebrity fitness experts give us the lowdown on the other cool fluids of the moment.

 While Sheru Aangrish, India’s second professional bodybuilder and CEO of Sheru Classic Produ ction (SCP) Pvt Ltd in Mumbai, talks about natural drinks that aid performance, Ryan Fernando, weight management expert, QUA Nutrition, Bengaluru, shows us how to identify a ‘real’ sports drink.

 Incidentally, SCP has trained the likes of Hrithik Roshan, Arjun Kapoor and Jackky Bhagnani, while Fernando is the man behind our Olympic medalist, Sushil Kumar’s enviable stamina

Off the shelf

Decoding sports drinks in the market, Fernando says, ‘‘When sweat loss is greater than two per cent of your body weight, you need a sports drink (formulated or regular).’’

An ideal sports drink should have a 5:1 sodium potassium ratio and 6:8 sugar in it to make it isoosmotic (the same concentration as blood), he adds.

 Drinks with Vitamin D and C can help enhance athletic performance.

 While beet, pomegranate (recovers minerals) and carrot juices are his favourites, he suggests that those into professional sports follow the guidance of a diet consultant for a personalised schedule

Chart this

Aangrish on what gives staying power and helps injured sportsmen recuperate faster: Better stamina

*Pre-work out, consuming honey is a good way to increase stamina and give yourself an energy boost.

 Have honey and lime juice with warm water. Or honey and carrot juice, for energy and fibre

*Banana, strawberry and honey smoothies can help with stamina. Add an egg to increase its energy component

Fighting fatigue

*Avoid caffeine-based drinks or settle for Green Tea, which has natural caffeine

*Increasing your iron intake helps fight fatigue, so add spinach and parsley smoothies to your diet, or lemon grass and apple juice

Better healing

*Post training, protein shakes are beneficial for recovery. A natural protein shake can be a banana-avocado smoothie (with soya milk and yogurt). Or try dill pickle juice, which helps reduce cramps

*Tonic water helps as the quinine in it can help relax muscles and is helpful for spasm conditions, sore and tight muscles