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May 07, 2007 at 04:14pm IST

God-man turning black money to white

New Delhi: Thousands put their trust in them. But few can imagine some of our country's revered God-men are common criminals running very clever money laundering racket.

Former wing commander Kapil Advait, who fought for India in the 1965 and 1971 wars, later became a spiritual baba revered by thousands as Pilot Baba. But a CNN IBN-Cobrapost investigation unmasked this Godman.

Pilot Baba says, "I will give you a cheque of whatever amount you need as long as you can convert it to white money.”

CNN-IBN investigation team posed as corporate agents and approached Pilot Baba's henchman Jyoti in Delhi. The investigation team told him that it could convert Rs 10 crore of black money to white. Jyoti demanded Rs 30 lakh commission to fix a deal with the baba and a meeting with pilot baba was fixed.

CNN-IBN: Tell us what is the kind of deal that you would like?

Pilot Baba: It depends on the percentage of returns. I have been offered 20, 30 and 50 percent in the past.

CNN-IBN: There is hardly any margin in 20 per cent.

Pilot Baba: That's for you to decide.

CNN-IBN: Will ten per cent do?

Pilot Baba: No.

CNN-IBN: Not on ten?

Pilot Baba: Why take so much risk just for 10 per cent.

Pilot Baba blatantly admitted to laundering money for foreign firms.

Pilot Baba says, "Companies from Japan and America want us to convert hundreds of crore into white money."

Not just multinational corporations but also politicians of repute - a former prime minister, two former chief ministers and a ruling chief minister - this Godman claims they are all his followers.

"We have access to politicians who give Rs 500 crore bring down governments and buy off MPs," Pilot Baba adds.

CNN-IBN: Tell us who all are special?

Pilot Baba: All of them.

CNN-IBN: As you told us N D Tiwari also puts money.

Pilot Baba: All of them whether it is Mulayam or Mayawati, everybody needs us.

Pilot Baba: I know Narayna Dut Tiwari since long for the last forty years. Since Tiwari was on the streets. N D Tiwari, Murli Manohar joshi, Atal Bihari Vajpayee - I know them all since long.

The Pilot Baba also boasted about his connections with criminals.

Pilot Baba: I am from Bihar from a royal family not just anybody. I have contacts. I can fix anyone who tries to mess with me.

Even as fraudulent God-men like pilot baba indulge in corrupt and criminal activities all in the name of God. Thousands flock to them for spiritual guidance. And yet, these false men of God betray their trust.

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