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Sep 07, 2012 at 07:45pm IST

Google doodles 'Star Trek: The Original Series'

New Delhi: On the occasion of the 46th anniversary of Star Trek: The Original Series the Google doodle goes where "no man has gone before".

The interactive doodle that appears on the Google home page on Saturday shows the characters of the cult science fiction television series that aired on NBC in the US from September 8, 1966 to June 3, 1969 as letters of the Google logo and also lets you participate a little interactive tale, but there are no points to earn though.

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The letter 'G' in the Google logo is Mr Spock, perhaps the most memorable character from the series. The first 'O' plays the character of Nyota Uhura and the second that of James T Kirk, the commanding officer of the USS Enterprise. The letter 'L' seems to resemble Hikaru Sulu.

Google doodles 'Star Trek: The Original Series'

Google commemorates the 46th anniversary of 'Star Trek: The Original Series' with an interactive doodle.

The doodle opens in the bridge of the Starship Enterprise and then the second 'O' and the 'E' go out of the red door to the transporter room and the transporter beams them to an unfriendly planet where they are challenged by an alien. On defeating the enemy they return to the Enterprise. All this doesn't happen on its own, but you need to click your way through the doodle to make the action happen.

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The iconic instrumental Theme from Star Trek by Alexander Courage continuously plays in the background. The doodle ends in classic Star Trek style with the USS Enterprise zipping past in the backdrop of stars and the Google letters appear in yellow.

The first doodle that Google posted to commemorate a television programme was on September 30, 2010 for the 50th Anniversary of the popular animated series The Flintstones.

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