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Jan 26, 2012 at 11:02am IST

Google doodles the Republic Day of India

New Delhi: India's Republic Day parade extended its route from the roads of New Delhi to the Google India homepage in the form of a doodle.

The Google doodle commemorating India's 63rd Republic shows National Bravery Award winning children riding on the backs of decorated elephants, quite like the actual parade on Rajpath, New Delhi. The Google logo appears as a rangoli-like motif in the background.

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Nineteen of the 24 children selected for the National Bravery Award – 2009 are participating in the Republic Day parade in New Delhi. Five children have got the award posthumously.

Google doodles the Republic Day of India

The Google doodle commemorating India's 63rd Republic shows bravery award winning children on the backs of elephants.

While there have been a number of India's Independence Day doodles on the Google home page, this is the second Republic Day doodle to feature on Google India's home page. The previous Republic Day of India doodle was put in 2010 and that shows the Republic Day action in the air - fighter aircraft decorating the sky with the Tricolour.

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The highlight of this year's Republic Day parade in New Delhi is the 3,000 kms range Agni-IV missile. The Intermediate Range Surface-to-Surface Ballistic Missile mounted on a road mobile launcher is being paraded by the Defence Research & Development Organisation.

The Republic Day of India Google doodle will be visible to Google users in India.

Google posted 260 doodles in 2011. This figure is only nominally higher than the 258 doodles that Google put up on its home page in 2010. Some of the doodles were limited to Google's country specific home pages while others appeared globally.

Google recently announced the revamp of its Doodle site (www.google.com/doodles) which houses all Google doodles since the very first back in 1998.

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