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Oct 31, 2012 at 08:06am IST

Google wishes Happy Halloween! with an interactive haunted house doodle

New Delhi: October 31 is celebrated as Halloween in a number of countries around the world and Google is celebrating the event taking users on a visit to a haunted house on many of its home pages.

The Google Happy Halloween doodle features a haunted mansion (numbered 13) with many spooky inhabitants, who double up as letters of the Google logo. The characters reveal themselves when you click on the doors of the haunted house. To add to the atmosphere there is also an eerie sound playing in the background. The faint hearted though can turn it off with a click of a mouse.

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A blue one-eyed octopus stands for 'G' in the Google logo, a pair of red and yellow eyes behind the second door from the left are the two 'Os', the second 'G' is a veiled ghost. A clattering skeleton is the 'L' and a smiley face that turns into a monster represents the 'E'. An apparition also appears between the skeleton and the smiley monster.

Google wishes Happy Halloween! with a doodle

Google is wishing Happy Halloween! taking you on a visit to a haunted house.

There is also a black alley cat, a crowing crow and a spider for extra effect. A number of jack-o'-lanterns rest on the steps of the mansion. It is only when you click on all the interactive elements on the Happy Halloween! Google doodle and the alley cat jumps out of the frame that the page redirects to the search results page for the keyword "Happy Halloween!".

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