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Jan 29, 2011 at 02:23pm IST

Govt seeks report from Himachal on Karmapa

New Delhi: Union Finance Ministry has sought a report from the Himachal Pradesh government on 17th Karmapa Ugyen Trinley Dorjee, popularly known as Karmapa Lama, who stands accused of being a Chinese plant after police recovered Rs 1.6 crore during a raid at his office in Dharamsala on Thursday.

Karmapa Lama and other Tibetan leaders have reportedly bought huge tracts of land in various states with Sources telling CNN-IBN that Karmapa was using the money to buy land for the setting up of monasteries and schools.

Some properties in Kolkata are also under scanner and Karmapa reportedly also owns lands in Sainik Farms in New Delhi and Pune as well.

Karmapa has also been embroiled with the local authorities over demolition notices for some of these properties.

The raid was carried by Himachal Police on Thursday and one person was arrested from Karmapa's office. But Tibetan Parliament-in-exile Speaker Penpa Tsering claimed that Karmapa was clean and he had nothing to do with financial dealings.

"We want to tell the world that Karmapa Ugyen Trinley Dorje as a person is a very clean person. He has nothing to do with anything of this sort. But whatever has happened is very unfortunate," said Penpa Tsering in Dharamsala.

Investigating agencies suspect that the Karmapa may have been used to further China's designs of controlling all Indian monasteries from Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir to Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh.

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