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Govt vs Online India: The most sarcastic tweets

Aug 23, 2012 at 05:17pm IST

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With Assam still tense following the communal violence in some of its districts, the Central Government is trying to block offensive content on social media websites, which it claims have been responsible for the hate campaign against Northeast Indians. The government has given Twitter and other social media websites a deadline of 12 hours to remove the objectionable content or face shutdown in India.

The decision was taken after Twitter failed to respond to the Ministry of Home Affairs' request to issue show cause notices on offensive and provocative handles. But that did not deter the users from taking a potshot at the GOI. In fact #GOIBlocks was the top trending topic on Twitter all of Wednesday and Thursday.

The users saw the latest move as an attempt to muzzle free speech. Here are the some of the most sarcastic tweets on the subject.

Govt vs Online India: The most sarcastic tweets

In fact #GOIBlocks was the top trending topic on Twitter all of Wednesday and Thursday.

@nice_indian: If you are banning internet..ban ek the tiger too #Goiblocks

‏@shadymumbai: Dear Govt of India ...if u block Twitter or Facebook ..u will be directly responsible for Poonam Pandey's Career getting spoilt. #GOIBlocks

‏@abhijitmajumder: Feeling deeply insulted that I still have not been blocked. Victim of govt apathy #GOIblocks

@YearOfRat: "This tweet is too hard. This tweet is too soft. This tweet is just right." ~ #GOIBlocks

@rameshsrivats: I've always wondered what exactly a Block Development Officer does. Now I know. #GOIBlocks

‏@rameshsrivats: #INDvNZ Sehwag for PM. Why? He never ever blocks. #GOIBlocks

@over_rated: The UPA will really be sorry in the morning when it's mother makes it shake our hand and apologize. #GoIBlocks

@fakingnews: Poonam Pandey should upload a black picture and say it's a nude pic but blackened to protest #GOIBlocks #FreePRtips

@madmanweb: If Prime Minister can block himself from speaking out, surely he can block others from doing the same?

‏@TheHumerus: "So, this time, we aren't the only ones getting blocked eh?" - arteries and drains.

@babumoshoy: "So you stay in Mayur Vihar? Which block?" "#GOIBlocks". #BannedHandleBrag

‏@MihirBijur: UPA = Undeserving Parody Account #GOIBlocks

@neeleshmisra: Why isn't the government blocking my handle? Am I not fake enough? #GOIBlock


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