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May 27, 2009 at 03:25am IST

Guard killed by youth over parking row

Surat: A security guard was beaten to death by a group of men in Surat for objecting to a bike being parked in a no parking zone.

The police have arrested three men while three others are still absconding.

25-year-old Shyam Yadav was posted as a security guard at a residential cum commercial complex in Surat's posh Ghod Dod Road area.

IN VAIN: The security guard was only doing his duty but paid with his life.

On Monday afternoon Yadav prevented two young men from parking their motorcycle in a no parking zone.

The youth later returned in a Santro Car with four others, and beat up Yadav so badly that he died of his injuries in hospital.

A colleague of yadav, Security Supervisor and eyewitness Dilipbhai said, “They came in a Santro car. They killed him by beating him mercilessly.”

The police have now arrested three of the six youth, all of them sons of rich textile businessmen.

The police have also seized the car they had used during the attack.

Senior Police Inspector of Umra police station K M Desai said, “We have arrested three and are looking for the rest. All are spoilt youth and sons of rich textile businessmen.”