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Oct 03, 2010 at 04:49pm IST

Guj regrets official's remarks on migrants

Surat: The Gujarat Government on Saturday issued an apology for the remarks of Surat Municipal Commissioner, who asked migrants to return to their places.

Surat civic chief S Aparna during her visit to a slum area in the city on Friday reportedly told migrant workers to go back to their native place if cities to which they belong provide better civic amenities than Surat.

Later in the evening, she expressed regrets for her remarks, saying if her isolated statement hurt anybody, she was sorry.

COURTING CONTROVERSY: Surat Municipal Commissioner S Aparna asked migrants to return to their places.

Earlier, one of the migrants in Sanjaynagar locality had an argument with her saying that even cities in the states they come from have better civic amenities than Surat.

Reacting to the argument, Aparna had said, "Nobody is stopping you from going back to your cities in UP and Bihar. But does any municipal commissioner in your cities visit slum areas to find out about the condition of the people. So you should not make such comments."

The migrant workers, who came in large number to the state to work in textile and other industries, had demanded that Aparna should apologise for her remarks.

State government, in a statement issued tonight, expressed regrets over the remarks made by Aparna.

"Gujarat welcomes people from all over the country. Government of Gujarat is committed to provide civic amenities to the people who come here for jobs," Urban Development Minister, Nitin Patel said in the statement.