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Jan 30, 2013 at 10:51am IST

Gujarat buses line up at fuel stations instead of designated depot after price hike

Ahmedabad: In Gujarat, over 7000 state-owned buses of the GSRTC are now buying diesel at petrol stations instead of their own depot. The reason - the centre's price hike by Rs 12 per litre which has hit the already-loss-making bus service.

By buying in the open market, GSRTC pays Rs 52.74 as opposed Rs 64.74. Petrol pump owner Munjal Dave said, "We are selling petrol to them at the rate at which we ere selling to all others. They have started purchasing diesel from here."

The Gujarat state which has slammed the disel hike, says the central govt is trying to cover up its inefficiency. Gujarat Transport Minister Nitin Patel said, "We have made alternate arrangements and have directed that our buses start fuelling from petrol pumps outside. We cannot bear this additional loss of Rs 12 per litre."

Recently, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi took on the Centre over the pricing of CNG. This fresh hike will be yet another barb he is bound to use in his tirade against the UPA government.