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Jan 25, 2013 at 08:34am IST

Gujarat: Father rapes two daughters for years; survivors fight for justice

Ahmedabad: More than 50 per cent rapes are committed at home by a non-stranger. Two sisters in Gujarat were allegedly raped for years by their father. "My father used to rape me, he warned me not to tell anyone about it. I was too scared to tell anyone," one of them said.

In a small village in east Gujarat, a father of four daughters allegedly repeatedly raped his eldest daughter for three years after which he targeted the younger one, is 14 years old. "My father did everything to me that one should with one's wife. Why did he target his children when his wife was in the house too," questioned the younger daughter.

Most sexual assault cases at home go unreported for fear or shame. But the 14-year-old decided to fight and told her school principal about her father. "I am not scared to protest. I hope girls see my story and get the courage to come out in the open if they suffer fates similar to mine. If my father can do such things to me, why should I not speak up? If a culprit is hanged, only then will others fear the consequences and not do this to girls like me," she said.

After her father was taken into police custody, there was social pressure on their mother to withdraw the FIR against him. "The society discourages us from speaking up, they say our family reputation is at stake," the mother said.

Today the girls have their mother's support and hope that their case will be taken up in a fast-track court and justice will be delivered soon. "If he tries to come back here, I will not back down, I will lodge another FIR," the 14-year-old said.

Fearless and undeterred as she fights on for her sister and herself, she dreams of a brighter future. "I want to study further, everyone says that I have a bright future ahead," she says.

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