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Nov 29, 2012 at 12:15pm IST

Gujarat poll: Fearing damage to property, parties get insurance for their offices

Ahmedabad: Fearing damage to party office property because of large scale rebellion arising out of ticket distribution for the assembly elections, political parties in Gujarat have insured their party offices. Both the BJP as well as the Congress have installed CCTV cameras to keep an eye on troublemakers.

It's not from Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, but the threat to the Congress office in Ahmedabad has come ironically from disgruntled Congress workers. Violent scenes have become common with those who were denied tickets vandalising the office with crowds. The party has now insured it's headqurters for Rs 2.5 crore, not just in Ahmedabad but accross the state.

Gujarat Congress leader Rohit Patel said, "The party HQ is equipped with several gadgets and property, which is very costly. It is but natural that we ensure the safety of property and things."

On the other side of the political divide, despite Modi's image of controlling law and order in the state, the BJP's own headquarters is under threat, again from disgruntled elements within. They have installed CCTVs to keep a close tab of those entering the office. Ironically, there, too the BJP takes a jibe at the Congress and says it has handled rebellion better.

Gujarat BJP spokesperson Jagdish Bhavsar said, "The Congress may feel insecure and take all sorts of steps. There is nothing of that sort in the BJP. It is peaceful here."

Now that they seem to have ensured themselves against their own rebel elements, the bigger worry though for both the parties is because there can be no insurance for the electoral damage that the rebels may cause.