Nov 25, 2012 at 08:31am IST

Battle for Gujarat turns into a web war; BJP, Congress woo youth via social media

Ahmedabad: The battle for Gujarat is fast turning into a web war with both the BJP and the Congress trying to woo the youth on social networking sites. The Narendra Modi election machine has thrown a lot of muscle behind its social media strategy. For instance, even those who aren't registered members of the BJP, can now meet Modi personally, by posting the most number of messages on social media sites.

KEMP user Harish said, "Although we are not party workers, we do the same work as them. We will continue to work with Modi." Gujarat BJP spokesperson Jagdish Bhavsar said, "As elections draw closer, the party aims to make use of this programme, so that the party message reaches more people."

The Congress too is doing its best. The party launched the website - Join Hands For Change - where people can log on and comment about the state of facilities and the lack of welfare programmes under the BJP rule. These websites are linked to social networking sites.

Spokesperson Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee, Manish Doshi said, "This website allows youngsters and others to put forth their problems. It is an attempt by the party to give the people a voice."

Apart from dedicated websites for campaigning, political parties have also flooded social networking sites with political messages.

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