Dec 06, 2012 at 09:26am IST

Gujarat polls: Modi capable of being PM, claims Amit Shah

Ahmedabad: Former Gujarat Home Minister and BJP leader Amit Shah is probably the most controversial candidate in the battle for Gujarat. But those don't seem to matter as Shah hits the campaign trail in Ahmedabad. Shah, known as Chief Minister Narendra Modi's closest confidant, is a chargesheeted accused in two fake encounter case.

But in this electoral battle, Shah knows it's his boss Modi who's the focus and he even argues about why Modi should be the BJP's prime ministerial candidate. "Modi has the ability to become the Prime Minister. Now it's upto the party to decide when to announce it," said Shah.

But when it comes to his own campaign, Shah says the fake encounter cases are not a setback. Instead he and his supporters argue it's given him the image of a tough minister who helped Modi maintain law and order. "These cases are vendetta politics," claimed Shah.

While Shah may remain the favourite to win this battle, the fake encounter cases are a much tougher battle ahead and many believe even within the BJP and with Modi, Shah's future would depend on the way those cases progress.