Dec 09, 2012 at 01:59pm IST

Gujarat polls: PM takes on Modi, says Congress doesn't divide and rule

Navsari: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh entered battleground Gujarat on Sunday and while addressing his first election rally before the upcoming elections, called for an end to the divide and rule politics in the state.

Hitting out at Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister said that the minorities do not feel safe in Gujarat. "Congress has always attempted to bring people of all communities together. Politics of dividing people on the basis of religion or caste is bad for the country," said Manmohan.

The Prime Minister finally entered the campaign trail on Sunday. At a rally in Vansda of Dang district, Manmohan took centrestage and hit out at the NDA's divisive politics. Reiterating that the Congress was taking care of the aam aadmi, the Prime Minister said that it was time for development to reach more areas.

The Prime Minister said the public health sector was not in a good state in Gujarat and new employment opportunities for the youth were also not being generated. "Development in Gujarat is only for a few people. A big portion of the population here has remained untouched by this economic development. Because of the policies of the state government, there is an imbalance in the society," he said.

Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi will be next to campaign in the state this week.