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Jun 02, 2008 at 01:14am IST

Gurjars agree to post-mortem

Bayana: After ten days of politics over the bodies of Gurjar protestors, the government and the Gurjar leaders reached a consensus on Sunday to conduct the postmortems at the sites.

Much to the relief of the families of the deceased, the government sent medical teams to conduct the postmortems at the sites. The conditions were clear. Two Gurjars in each medical team and each autopsy to be video recorded. Copies of the reports are to be given to the families' after the autopsies.

Now, the Government is finally breathing a huge sigh of relief.

“To our understanding, we have crossed a major hurdle today and it was important that the postmortem be conducted on the bodies since they've been lying for very long. We welcome this move from the Gurjar leaders,” says Rajasthan Industries Minister, Jaipur, Digamber Singh.

However, this is not the end of their agitation. The Gurjars seem firm on their initial demand for the ST status.

“Let the postmortems happen but we are adamant on the ST status. The agitation will go on. The demands are the same,” says Gujjar leader, Pilupura, Bharatpur, Col Bainsla.

With the conditions for talks now looking up, BJP MP from Bharatpur, Vishwendra Singh, hopeful of mediating, took the initiative to travel to Pilupura after the Raje government refused to send him as a government representative.