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Jun 17, 2007 at 08:08pm IST

Guruvayur shuts doors on non-Hindus

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala): The head priest of the Guruvayur temple, Sathisan Namboodiripad, has made it clear that non-Hindus will not be allowed into the temple.

"Temple traditions are not such that they should be changed with the times. The purpose of this meeting was to make this clear," he said.

The latest debate over the entry of non-Hindus inside the Guruvayur temple was sparked off by the temple performing purification rites, after Ravi Krishna, Union Minister Vayalar Ravi's son visited the temple.

The reason given was Ravi being married to someone from a Christian family. But now Ravi Krishna has a new spin to the story.

"I'm an OBC and that is why they did not allow me in. I am willing to take the matter to court," says he.

The Left government in Kerala too may not give up on the debate. On Monday, the government spoke of a possible legislation to allow non-Hindus in temples and clearly promises to keep the temple entry issue alive.