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Jul 24, 2012 at 04:20pm IST

Guwahati molestation: Key accused Amar Jyoti Kalita travelled 4 states for safe shelter

Guwahati: The man who figured most prominently in the video that went viral showing a mob molesting a teenaged girl in Guwahati was finally arrested after being on the run for two weeks. Amar Jyoti Kalita surrendered on Monday. CNN-IBN has traced his movements across the country from the time of the incident.

For days he was just a series of pictures and a grinning symbol of the ugliest molestation the nation had seen captured on camera. But when Amar Jyoti Kalita surrendered in Varanasi on Monday, the picture emerged of a former government employee who tried desperately to avoid justice as he travelled the length and breadth of the nation.

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CNN-IBN has learned that as soon as he realised he had been captured prominently assaulting the victim on camera, Kalita fled to Bhubaneswar.

From there he moved west to Mumbai only to return once again to Bhubaneswar. Kalita then called several lawyers to apply for anticipatory bail. At this point, the Assam Police say they came to know what Kalita was attempting and began analysing his phone calls.

Yet again, Kalita travelled to Mumbai. He made several calls to lawyers from the CST station in Mumbai. This is where the Assam police first got the CCTV footage of him. While in Mumbai, Kalita reportedly appealed to his cousin for shelter, but was refused. This time around he left Mumbai for Kolkata.

When he made phone calls from the Speed Post office in Howrah he was captured yet again by CCTV footage. After the Assam police told his brother and father that he could not continue to run, Kalita reconsidered. Now from Varanasi, Kalita contacted the Assam police, and asked for security and with their co-ordination Kalita surrendered to the UP police.

The main accused was obviously on the run. He was first spotted in Odisha, and then in Mumbai and Howrah. He finally surrendered in Varanasi. He is being interrogated in the Varanasi cantonment area. The Assam police will take Kalita to Guwahati soon and once he arrives the gruesome details of this gruesome incident should be out.

Kalita's surrender draws the curtain on the manhunt in a case that captured the attention of the nation. It's fitting that it was once again the camera, first at Mumbai's CST, and second in Kolkata's Howrah, that helped the police trace the key suspect in a case that was first captured on video.

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