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May 25, 2009 at 04:08am IST

PM medically fit for next 5-year term

Mumbai: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh got a decisive mandate, but at 76, is he fit for another high stress five year term? His cardiac surgeon Dr Ramakant Panda spoke exclusively to CNN IBN about the PM's medical condition.

With PM's history of diabetes, heart problems and the recent coronary artery bypass surgery; is the PM fit enough to run the country for another five years? Dr Panda who performed a repeat bypass on the PM in January certainly thinks so. "He's is absolutely fit to do the job," said Dr Panda.

Despite the grueling campaigning and hectic lifestyle led by the leader of the world's largest democracy, Dr Panda is confident that the PM, due to his discipline, is fit for another term.

"He is very very disciplined, a great patient. He sticks to a diet and keeps a very simple lifestyle," he said.

"He exercises every day, mostly aerobic exercise and walks on the treadmill," he added.

And his greatest strength is that the nation is always on top of his mind, which was the first thing he asked even after the bypass surgery, "He said thank you and then he asked what is happening in Kashmir," said Dr Panda.

Many Indians are relieved that there will be a stable government at the Centre and that the man in the blue turban leading them all is healthy enough to shoulder that big responsibility over the next five years.