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Aug 17, 2013 at 04:28pm IST

Hamirpur villagers face the brunt of ceasefire violations by Pakistan

Srinagar: Pakistan violated ceasefire yet again along the Line of Control and it fired at Mendhar and Hamirpur battalions at 9:45 pm on Friday. The Indian Army retaliated to Pakistan's attack but the villagers seem to be bearing the brunt of these violations.

The ceasefire violations by Pakistan have largely affected the life of the villagers in Harimpur. The village is surrounded by Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) posts. The Pakistani Army has been using launchers and motor shells, which often fall in the village. The people are leaving behind their belongings in the village and going away.

One of the villagers Aarif Md. said they have suffered huge losses due to attacks. "We have suffered a heavy loss. Our farms are lost and our kids are locked inside our homes because their schools have been shut. Transportation is hampered," he said.

Another villager Nazir Ahmed said the stuation cannot be explained in words. "Such a situation happened in 2001-02. After that it had stopped. There has been so much firing that it is beyond words to describe it," he said.

Gulzar Ahmed, a villager, said it seems as if prisoners. "On one side we have Pakistan and the other side is restricted with barbed wires. There is nothing left for us."

The whole area receives firing from both ends and quite often the launchers fired at the Indian Army fall in the village causing serious damage. Almost every house in the village has rifle grenade, rocket launcher and motor shells.

Most of the people have left the village as they had no other choice but to move on. People are facing a lot of trouble with continuous firing from Pakistan side as their homes have been destroyed and many have post their lives. They cannot go out to work in their farms. Schools have been shut and the children cannot go out to study.