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Sep 29, 2012 at 11:45am IST

Haryana: Third rape case in two weeks, class 11 student gangraped

Sonepat: A class 11 student was gangraped in Gohana near Sonepat in Haryana by four men. Three accused have been arrested and a case has been registered.

According to police, the girl was raped in a busy market area on Thursday afternoon but her family filed the complaint only on Friday. This is the third such incident in the past fortnight.

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Earlier this week, three men barged into a woman's home looking for her husband and when they did not find him, they brutally raped the woman, who is from a backward class, in turn. Her daughter stood outside screaming in fright. The victim says the men even made a video of the whole gruesome act.

Such incidents have been a big embarrassment for the state administration which has been soundly criticised for going slow in the Hisar gangrape case, where a 16-year-old Dalit girl was similarly raped and her video circulated. That victims' father had committed suicide due to the shame. Yet, the state police chief even now only has promises to make.

In May 2012, a victim of gangrape committed suicide after saying on camera that she was frustrated by police inaction despite her saying she can recognise her rapists.

In a state where the sex ratio is highly skewed and girls are in far lesser numbers than boys, the chickens are coming home to roost. Preventing crimes against women might be the toughest challenge that Haryana's social system will face in times to come.

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