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Nov 06, 2012 at 10:18am IST

Haryana: ex-Army man produces power from poultry waste, stays unaffected by grid failure

Jhajjar: Former Army man Rammehar Singh has been generating electricity from chicken waste to power his farmhouse. His household wasn't affected by the recent grid failure across North India.

With the installation of a 50 kilowatt capacity poultry waste based biogas power plant at his poultry farm, Rammehar Singh has figured out a way to live up to the Gandhian ideal of being self sufficient. His biogas reactors produce gas to run powerful generators that Singh claims to have saved him lakhs of rupees.

Disappointed with the frequent power cuts and the lackadaisical attitude of the government electricity department, Singh has now disconnected himself from the electricity grid and produces his own electricity, food and pumps water. "I was a little fed up with the power department and decided that this is the way to go and decided to go for it," he said.

The waste from 10,000 birds goes into the big self designed biogas reactor plants. As the waste decomposes, it produces gas that is piped to the special gas generator to produce electricity for most of the day and night. Surplus gas is also used to light up stoves to cook food. The state Department of Renewable Energy said there were about 30 million poultry heads in the state.

Singh's son Jagbir now has three gas plants and wants to install more to use up extra waste material. "If the government gives us a bit of help, poultry farms can not only generate and use power for themselves, but they can use the waste to supply large amounts of power into the electricity grid. This would generate lots of renewable energy for the country," Jagbir said.

Even as the state government continued to focus on cattle waste biogas plants, Rammehar Singh and his family thought different and took a big risk. Now they are happy they have turned pioneers and hope to see better utilisation of biogas plants across the country to avoid flaring greenhouse gases into the air and also reducing the burden on the electricity grid. "Since we got no help we had to experiment quite a bit before we could understand how to use this biogas," Singh said.

Gandhiji spoke about self sufficient villages, this is a self sufficient farm. One thing is for sure that even if power fails across the grid, there is going to be one shining example where power never fails and that is Singh's farm in Jhajjar running on poultry waste.

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