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Jun 19, 2007 at 12:01pm IST

Has SC pressure unmasked Vanzara?

New Delhi: On a day when D G Vanzara broke his silence and said that he is not guilty, an Ahmedabad court has extended the police remand of three IPS officers, including him, till May 8.

Prosecution claimed that their case against the three officers is now stronger then ever. They presented some more evidentiary details of Kausarbi's murder, which added is the latest of the grizzly secrets that have tumbled out of Vanzara's house of horrors.

Vanzara has been the centre of what has become a major controversy that threatens to go well beyond Gujarat's police leadership.

An IPS promotee, Vanzara was for the last few years seen as a symbol of Nrendra Modi's tough law and order machinery.

During his tenure Vanzara has overseen as many as nine encounters, which have resulted in 15 deaths.

And with each killing his stature within the police force only seemed to rise.

Today, as details of fake encounters emerge, the same officer finds himself behind bars

Its not just Sohrabuddin, a known extortionist, who was killed – his wife Kauserbi and the third witness to the crime Tulsiram Prajapati and several others before them. As it appears almost all Vazara's victims were Muslims.

Which raises the question – was Vanzara acting on his own, or was he following a political agenda?

For the last two weeks, Gujarat Chief Minister Narednra Modi has chosen to stay silent.

Also remained quiet was the minister of state for home Amit Shah, widely seen in Gujarat as someone whom Vanzara directly reported to.

According to an Intelligence bureau report, it was alleged that at a meeting held on January 30, 2006 at the Circuit House in Gandhinagar, Amit Shah admitted in cavalier manner that Kauser Bi had been killed by Vanzara.

At the same time, if Vanjara was as close to the Shah-Modi duo as is alleged, why is he now in jail?

Which gives rise to the suspicion – would the Gujarat government have acted against Vanzara if the Supreme Court had not intervened?

It was only after the Supreme Court's intervention, that the CID was activated and a report prepared by IPS officer Geeta Johri and followed up by Rajneesh Rai led to Vanzaras arrest and of the other IPS officers.

And as the Vanzara investigation is now monitored by the Supreme Court, one can only wonder, just how many more skeletons will tumble out of this rather grizzly cupboard of killings.