Apr 05, 2011 at 11:34am IST

Have patience, will strip soon: Poonam Pandey

New Delhi: Model Poonam Pandey who requisitioned the Indian cricket board saying that her bare-all act will have a therapeutic effect on the Men in Blue, said on Monday she intends to stick to her commitment.

A tweet, purportedly of Pandey, said "once Steve Forbes said 'A promise made should be a promise kept.' so guys soon will complete my promise just Wait n watch."

The model had promised to strip if the Indian cricket team lifted the ICC 2011 World Cup trophy. The Indian team has delivered, and there was a growing clamour among netizens demanding that Pandey keep her side of the bargain.

Have patience, will strip soon: Poonam Pandey

Model Poonam Pandey said she intends to stick to her commitment.

Her mobile was reportedly switched off ever since the final match got over. The authenticity of the Twitter account she is supposedly tweeting from could not be verified.

Before the finals, Pandey wrote to BCCI that she was serious about baring it all for the boys, as it would be a therapeutic method to boost and inspire people to perform better in any field.

Immediately after the match was over, there were several Facebook captions such as, "Where is Poonam?", "I’m waiting for you Poonam", "Where the hell is Poonam Pandey. I bought an HD TV for you!". According to the latest news, she has requested the BCCI to choose another country such as Paris for her striptease, to avoid controversies in India.

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