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Nov 26, 2012 at 06:12pm IST

He said, she said: How Rakhi Sawant outrageously flirts with Salman on 'Bigg Boss'

New Delhi: Item girl Rakhi Sawant became a household name after participating in 'Bigg Boss' season one. She lately made a special appearance on 'Bigg Boss 6'. After meeting the participants in 'Bigg Boss Padhosi Ghar' (the adjacent rural house), she was seen engaged in a hilarious conversation with host Salman Khan.

Going by Salman's expressions, he wasn't really enjoying Rakhi's company. During the 'Bigg Boss 5' finale, Rakhi was seen desperately asking for a role from Salman Khan. This time she went ahead and proposed him for marriage. Salman looked relieved after Rakhi's exit. Sacred of such proposals, Salman may actually start thinking about getting married now. Read Rakhi band Salman's interesting conversation here...

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Rakhi: After I got to know that I am supposed to meet you on 'Bigg Boss', I saw a dream.

Bigg Boss: How Rakhi outrageously flirts with Salman

Salman Khan and Rakhi Sawant

Salman: I will not ask you what your dream was as you will anyway tell it to me. Be careful, we are on television and its a 9 PM slot.

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Rakhi: I saw that I was doing an item number with you; not on earth, but in heaven. And we were so good that God asked us what this is? There were Urvashi, Menka, Rambha...

Salman: It wasn't heaven if all these people were there.

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Rakhi: Was it hell then?

Salman: How did God look like?

Rakhi: He looked like your bodyguard Jaggi.

Salman: You also see Jaggi in your dream? Then Shera must be there too.

Rakhi: Yes, and he dressed up like Yamraj.

Salman: So you dream about the entire ream?

Rakhi: I dream about so many other people, for example Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan.

Salman: Please leave me out of your next heaven tour. Take Saif Ali Khan instead of me.

Rakhi: Sir I have decided to get married now.

Salman: But why are you telling this to me?

Rakhi: Because I plan to get married to you.

Salman: Leave me; I am not worthy enough for you.

Rakhi: Sir how can I leave you. Every time I make an appearance on 'Bigg Boss', I get a call from Shah Rukh Khan on the very next day. I will be with SRK tomorrow. I don't understand the competition, but I have no problem. Idhar Khan, udhar Khan and main inki Jaan.

Salman: All yours, you win this time. (Did he mean SRK?)...Rakhi if you were the Bigg Boss,what would you do?

Rakhi: I would have called you inside...

Salman Khan, who is often seen scolding the contestants on 'Bigg Boss', looked pretty helpless in front of Rakhi. She hardly gave him a chance to speak.

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