Feb 03, 2011 at 12:43pm IST

Heal burns fast - with stem cell spray gun

London: Scientists have developed an amazing spray gun that speedily heals severe burn injuries with stem cells.

Jörg Gerlach from the University of Pittsburgh's McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine, US has created a method which regenerates healthy skin stem cells from the victim and sprays it on the burned skin. Though scientists have been able to regenerate sheets of skin for decades, it is a lengthy process and the resulting skin is extremely fragile. Patients can become infected during treatment and also die while they are waiting, even with proper care and dressing, the Daily Mail reports.

The stem cell shooting spray gun treats the skin in 1.5 hours and reduces healing time to days. Stem cells are known for their ability to renew themselves and act as a repair system for the body, according to a Pittsburgh statement. Matthew Uram, a policeman from Pennsylvania, was one of the first people to be treated by the gun when he received severe second degree burns after attending a friend's July 5 party.

Heal burns fast - with stem cell spray gun

Amazing spray gun invented to speedily heal severe burn injuries with stem cells.

He said: "The worst part was my face. The whole right side of my face - my ear, my neck, my shoulder and the entire top part of my arm."

Four days after the stem cell spray treatment, Uram's skin was completely healed. Gerlach said: "It is like a paint sprayer but you need a more sophisticated, computer-controlled device. "We isolate the stem cells from the healthy part of the skin which can be taken in a water solution and is then prepared for cell spraying. The cell spray gun will be featured on the National Geographic Channel's "How to Build a Beating Heart", which will be shown Monday, February 7.