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Sep 04, 2014 at 10:50am IST

Heart flown from Bangalore to save patient in Chennai in two hours

Bangalore: In a story of an inter-state heart transplant, doctors have transplanted the heart of a brain-dead accident victim from Bangalore to another patient in Chennai. The heart was flown away in a record two hours to save the life of a patient in a private hospital in Chennai.

Doctors said that the 38-year-old victim was the resident Krishnagiri district of Tamil Nadu, an area that borders Bangalore. The victim was riding her two-wheeler when its tyre burst and she fell down. She suffered both shock and other physical injuries that left her brain dead.

KU Manjula, Transplant Coordinator at Zonal Coordination Committee of Karnataka, said, "It took six hours for the husband to come. He was not aware of such a thing at all. Once he realised his wife is no more, he agreed that at least her organs can live through someone else."

Once the family agreed, traffic police and doctors swung into action. A green corridor was created and traffic police cleared every junction in the 50-kilometer stretch from hospital to airport. At the airport, airline officials were waiting to help the medical team to take the heart to the 40-year-old patient in Chennai.

Manjula said, "He is quite lucky. There was no match here in Bangalore. So when we found the match in Chennai, the medical team also responded quickly and got on to it."

The luck played a big part so did the generosity of the family who stepped in to help a stranger even in their hour of grief.