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Mar 09, 2008 at 10:04am IST

Hema honoured for contribution to dance

Mumbai: Dream girl Hema Malini was recently given an award for her contribution to classical dance.

The actor and Parliamentarian happily accepted the praise and the honours that were showered on her at an event in Mumbai on Friday and it did not take her long to slip on her dancing shoes.

What made the award more special was the fact that it was presented to her for her contribution to dance, her first love.

“I am very happy I got this award,” she said, adding that the day was auspicious – succeeding Mahashivratri and preceding Women’s Day.

For her fans, it was a special occasion just watching their idol perform before their very eyes.

“She’s an artist par excellence,” enthused singer Sonu Nigam. “She’s led her life with so much dignity, anyone would be totally in awe of her.”

The actress-danseuse took the opportunity to shower praise on a film she recently saw, and gave a tongue-in-cheek explanation why the film had struck a chord with her.

“I liked watching Jodhaa-Akbar. In the film, I saw glimpses of both Meera Bai and Razia Sultana, in both the hero and heroine, as I have done both films,” she said, to the delight of her fans.

Few will deny that in many ways, she's the original dream girl, radiantly beautiful and supremely talented, a cut above the rest, and a star forever. They certainly don't make them like Hema Malini anymore.