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May 08, 2008 at 09:58pm IST

Here’s BMC's new road maintenance system

Mumbai: The Mumbai city corporation is coming up with a new road maintenance system that will keep a track of all road repair work. But question is will it be up before the monsoons hit the city?

Motorists in Mumbai could soon have a solution to the hassles they face every time there's road maintenance underway - the BMC's road maintenance management system.

BMC Roads and Traffic Chief Engineer D L Shinde says, “Its difficult to keep a track of kilometers of roads in Mumbai. This plan will help us keep a check on and maintain roads like never before."

Last year the BMC spent Rs 27 crore to repair over 13000 potholes.

The new plan in collaboration with international consultants will come up with software to collect and store road maintenance data.

It would also help identify resources and equipment for road repair and construction projects.

All projects will be monitored closely to ensure they are completed within a specific timeframe.

The aim is to have a plan ready even before repair work begins, and to use quality materials so that frequent repairs can be avoided. But skeptics ask the BMC for basic infrastructure first.

Social Activist Keval Semlani says, “All I ask for is a footpath to walk on and a road to drive on. With monsoons round the corner I don't know if this plan would be successful but change is always welcome."

The corporation plans to conduct a pilot exercise in June in three wards across the city.

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