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Jun 20, 2007 at 09:47am IST

He's out of jail, but ordeal not over

Pune: Till three days ago, Ankit was a regular college student. A party he attended at Sinhgadh, 30 kilomters from Pune, changed him into an undertrial facing drug abuse charges.

Ankit spent three nights in jail, missed a crucial exam and may even have to lose an entire academic year.

He claims he was in the area to see the lunar eclipse and was invited by some people to a Holi party close by. It was only when he reached the place, did he realise that he was in a rave party where drugs were being used.

Ankit says before he could leave, police swooped down on the party and he was arrested, along with 270 others.

“I don't consume drugs and I’m not into substance abuse. I have never done this stuff in my life and test will show,” he says.

Ankit is one of the lucky 100 who were released on Wednesday. Others have not been able to get out, even though they have been given bail. Some don't have the Rs 15,000 needed, others cannot provide a Maharashtra resident's name and address as surety to the court. Ankit says the 3 days in jail were tough but they were not ill-treated.

”It was a difficult experience. I have realised I put my family to shame. We should learn from our mistakes and I will learn from this one,” Ankit says.

But others told CNN-IBN that the police did rough them up. They said the drug sellers at the party knew of the police raids and escaped.

Meanwhile, some parents have agreed to co-operate in the investigation.

“The police have done a good job. I know my son is innocent but I will wait for the medical reports to confirm his innocence. However if it is found that my son did use drugs I will completely support further police action,” says a father of an accused, Mohammad.

As of now, all eyes are now on the blood test reports expected later this week.

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