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Mar 12, 2008 at 04:31pm IST

Heyy Babyy first Bollywood film in Blu Ray

Mumbai: The much-talked about Blu Ray Disc is soon hitting Indian shelves.

Akshay Kumar comic starrer Heyy Babyy will be the first Indian film to be made available on this format. The film's director Sajid Khan is already a Blu Ray fan and swears by the new format's audio and video quality.

“DVDs which give you a very superior picture when viewed on a proper home theatre set-up is only mastered at 9 Gb – that’s because a DVD gives you that much disc space. Blu Ray gives you 25 Gb on a single layer but dual layer is 50 Gb – that’s straightaway a six-time jump in picture quality and sound,” explained Heyy Babyy’s director, Sajid Khan.

Technically, the Blu Ray Disc's storage capacity, laser wavelength and data transfer rate makes the quality of Blu Ray disc five times better than that of a DVD print.

The Blu Ray also comes with a scratch protection layer and so you can be assured of uninterrupted viewing.

Upgrading DVD players to Blu Ray players, however, are a matter of choice and preference.

Blu ray is still just 12 months old. We have introduced about 100 English films in India on Blu Ray, but the market is yet to catch on,” said Sony Pictures Country Manager (India), N Muthuram.

“Yes, people who want better quality will go for Blu Ray, just like they moved from VHS to DVD. For those interested in home entertainment Blu Ray is the best in the market as of now,” he explained.

However, higher quality comes at a higher price.

So while you could get a good DVD player for over Rs 2000, a Blu Ray player could cost more than Rs 27000. As for the discs, where original DVDs cost Rs 45 upwards, a Blu Ray disc can cost you around Rs 2500.

Clearly, there is no end to bettering the quality of audio and visuals.

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