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Jan 26, 2008 at 05:54pm IST

War heats up in US Presidential race

South Carolina: Hillary Clinton is making her final push in South Carolina in a bid to win voters in these last few hours.

After two days of working in February 5 states, Hillary Clinton returned to South Carolina as her campaign pulled a controversial ad, and her husband conceded to a concerned voter's suggestion that the Clinton-Obama food fight should end.

“That's pretty good advice. That's probably good advice for me. When I was running I didn't give a rip what anybody said about me. It's weird you know. If you love somebody you'd think they'd be good, but it's harder," former US President Bill Clinton says.

Perhaps the mood does seem to be changing as the South Carolina campaign moves into its final days, and it’s the traditional time to return to the message:

“It's time for a president who believes that leading an economic comeback is a full time hands-on job, who renews our commitment to a strong and prosperous middle class," Hillary Clinton says.

As the candidate revisited her economic stimulus plan, a Clinton radio ad suggesting Obama is a Republican sympathiser went off the air. It was a quick hit, only on the radio for 24 hours, but the ad got lots of headlines — mission accomplished. Now they have a new upbeat advert called ‘Closer’ and guess who’s closing, all nostalgic about the 90s.

"We created more than 22 million new jobs, moved eight million people out of poverty, and turned our economy around. It's time for another comeback. Time to make America great again. I know Hillary Clinton’s the one that can do it," Bill Clinton is heard as saying in the new advert.

Still, campaigns never really chill out as Bill Clinton was so famously advised to do recently. There will be some more jabbing. It's just a little more artful now:

"I'm a work horse, not a show horse," Hillary Clinton says.

Hillary Clinton returns to New York on Saturday for a couple of fundraisers. Competing in the more than 20 primaries, February Fifth is not a cheap proposition.

But never fear, Hillary Clinton’s Super Surrogate Bill Clinton is on the ground in South Carolina showing some signs of wear and tear.

"I feel a little like scrambled eggs this morning, but I'll try to make sense of what I came to do,” a tired Bill Clinton was quoted as saying on Thursday/

However, before anyone could get too excited about the new mellower campaign trail, by the end of the day an Obama surrogate was accusing Bill Clinton of manipulating the facts, and the Clinton campaign was accusing Obama of not recognizing all of the accomplishments of the Bill Clinton years.

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