Oct 29, 2012 at 02:40pm IST

Himachal Pradesh: Modi attacks Congress, calls PM 'maun' Mohan Singh

New Delhi: Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi is on an offensive. In Himachal Pradesh to campaign for the Bharatiya Janata Party ahead of the upcoming Assembly elections in the state, Modi took a dig at the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, calling him 'Maun' (which means silence) Mohan Singh, in an apparent reference to his lack of response over issues.

"Maun Mohan Singh broke his silence only in Himachal Pradesh yesterday. He should have spoken on price rise and said that he failed at controlling them and that he will try to bring them down," Modi said during his rally, adding that he would have been happy if the PM and Congress President Sonia Gandhi had "thought about the poor."

"Like in Himachal, Gujarat too is trying to uproot the Congress from the state," Modi continued, adding that Himachal was like a second home to him.