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Jul 28, 2013 at 05:18pm IST

Hopeful of India-Bangladesh Land Border Agreement, says Dipu Moni

New Delhi: Bangladesh Foreign Minister Dipu Moni, who met BJP leader Arun Jaitley last week told CNN-IBN that after the meeting, she is hopeful that the Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha will speak to his party colleagues about the Land Border Agreement between India and Bangladesh. The BJP claims that the government is ceding too much territory to Bangladesh.

Here is an exclusive interview of Dipu Moni with CNN-IBN's Suhasini Haidar.

Dipu Moni: It happens in all democracies that we have our domestic political compulsions but at times we all have to rise above this. And look at the bigger picture.

Suhasini Haidar: But have you received that sort of assurance from the BJP in particular that has been opposing it?

Dipu Moni: I just had a nice conversation with Arun Jaitley. I am hopeful after the response that I have got that he will talk to his party colleagues.

Suhasini Haidar: You are saying the Indian government has done its best but is that good enough because your government goes to elections later this year. If those critical agreements with India don't go through it'll certainly impact your party's image. Would you be disappointed?

Dipu Moni: It would be disappointing if it doesn't happen. And definitely it would have consequences. But I believe in Bangladesh, our people also have seen during other governments even the initiative was not taken.