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Jun 28, 2009 at 12:04am IST

Hostage drama in Chennai hospital ends

Chennai: The hostage drama in the Frontier Lifeline Hospital in Chennai has finally ended. The 12 patients, who were held hostage by the hospital for not paying the bills for the services rendered to them, were discharged on Saturday.

A deal has reached between the Guyanese NGO, which brought the children to the hospital, and the Frontier Lifeline Hospital authority.

Earlier a leading cardiac surgeon, whose foundation runs the hospital, Dr Cherian had threatened legal action against the Guyanese NGO.

Dr Cherian said, “I'll file an FIR and inform British High Commission, the president of Guyana, and external affairs minster."

The medical bills worth $91000 were to be paid to the hospital.

Meanwhile, the former first lady of Guyana, Varshnie Singh, and the coordinator of the charitable trust which brought the patients to the hospital too hit back.

Varshnie Singh said, “I will also take legal action.”

However, 15 hours of drama and accusations, it seemed like all it required to solve the problem was a meeting between Dr Cherian and Varshinie Singh, who met for over 45 minutes and came to a conclusion that the children would be discharged and the charitable organisation would be given 6 months’ time to pay their bills.