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The power woman's poison, wine!

Most women I meet tend to stay away from hard alcohol but do enjoy the occasional Breezer and their wine, of course. And today's woman seems to be getting to know her wines better and better, too. The generally well-rehearsed order, 'I'll have a glass of your white wine -- Chenin Blanc ' is so two years ago!

At lunch with a power couple the other day, the woman who is a fashion designer and art enthusiast by profession, grilled the waiter for all the woody reds he had. Ultimately she ordered a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon. Any discerning wine loving woman, today, has probably been to Nasik in all likelihood and perhaps also to Napa Valley in California or winery hopping in the Bordeaux region in France.

Okay, all that said, white wine still seems to be the mass favourite, with Champagne and Rosé drawing a close second.

WOMEN & WINE: Most women tend to stay away from hard alcohol but do enjoy the occasional Breezer and their wine.

Sula and Chateau Indage are the regular choices, as far as wine brands go. You can generally expect most restaurants that serve wine to carry one or both of these brands in India. Another popular brand choice of women in the know is Reveillo.

For special occasions however, most women choose to open an exotic imported wine. With the number of well-stocked wine stores in the metro cities, these wines are not hard to find. The only consideration factor is that some of them tend to be twice or thrice as expensive as your Sula or Grover. But hey, special occasions do call for special wine.

I talked to a few power women to find out what makes a nice wine experience for them. 28-year old Sejal, a strategy consultant with a prominent consulting firm in Mumbai enjoys entertaining or partying with wine. She exotic Ethiopian Tej honey wine along with nice dinner, gets a thumbs up from her.

Wine tasting at vineyards around the world is a favourite activity with Mathangi, 24, a brand manager with a luxury company in Bangalore. For those days when she likes to try special wine, she prefers an Argentinian Cabernet Torrontes or a Spanish Pedrera Monestrell.

Twenty something fashion designer and pilates instructor Diya loves entertaining friends at home with wine, especially the 'wine appreciating' kind of friends! For special occasions, she prefers South African wines like Kanon Cop's Chenin Blanc and Anura's Chardonnay.

One thing is very clear -- be it wine tasting, going to a wine bar or entertaining friends over wine, all the women agree that the company adds that extra something to the wine experience!

Tip: If you are interested in learning more about wine and enjoying some fun company over wine tastings, join the Wine Society of India. Membership is free and you get access to 'hard to get your hands on' imported wines.

If ordinary is not your cup of tea or rather, your glass of wine, anymore, then try these three exotic wines.

1. Mulled wine: If you ever travel across Europe during the winter, you would certainly come across Mulled wine. This is red wine mixed with spices (like cinnamon) and served hot. This could be a perfect wine to try at your upcoming winter party! The aroma of the mulled wine will draw in all your guests for sure. Check out the mulled wine with strawberries at Ecstasy (a dessert boutique) in Chennai (inside Satyam Cinemas compound).

2. Sangria: This one's exactly the opposite of mulled wine. Choose a good red wine, add some fruits and sugar, and serve chilled. It's a typical Spanish and Portuguese speciality, and makes for a nice summer drink. Try the Sangria at Flavors restaurant in Delhi or the Island Bar in Shangri-La Hotel.


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3. Kir Royale: This one is a French specialty. Add cream of cherries into a glass and pour in some Champagne. Your chic drink for the night, Kir Royale, is ready. Kick back and enjoy the Kir Royale in the Pure restaurant at Taj Lands End in Bandra, Mumbai.

The author Maya Hari is an entrepreneur and CEO of www.stylkist.com, a contemporary home décor brand. Her interests span travel, lifestyle, holistic therapies and the good life.

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