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Jan 26, 2009 at 04:19pm IST

Hotel run by sex workers becomes popular in Mysore

Mysore: The rice being cooked, the appalam fried and the rasam getting the final touches. Everything is the same at this restaurant just that this one is run by sex workers and HIV positive people.

“Everyone comes here to eat at Hotel Ashodaya, it is not only sex workers who come here. And they all like the food here,” says Hotel Ashodya cashier Prakash.

And they are doing good business. It was started on December 1 and by now this has become a popular place for students, workers and tourists visiting the Mysore palace.

“This is the only hotel in the nearby area where it is hygenic, good service and good hospitality,” says customer Venkar Nagraj.

Ashodaya is also a safe place for sex-workers both men and women, who are ill treated in other public spaces. The hotel provides them food and a clean place to stay. It also has a drop in centre where clinical facilities are provided to HIV positive people.

“We want to be part of the society. We want to have an equal standing in the society and this hotel is helping us in achieving that,” says Ashodaya project coordinator Akram.

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