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Jul 27, 2007 at 11:49pm IST

How Memon brothers planned 'Black Friday'

Mumbai: The Memons brothers—who masterminded the 1993 bomb blasts in Mumbai—have finally met their fate, with three of them getting life sentences and a death verdict to Yakoob Menon who played a key role in the plot.

But what is the role of the whole Memon family in the 1993 blasts? A trail of 12 explosions ripped through Mumbai on the March 12, 1993 leaving 257 dead and over 700 injured. Much of the mayhem was planned at the Al Husaini Building in Mahim—home to the Memon Family.

The Mastermind of the attack was Tiger Memon—a smuggler and a close associate of the biggest underworld don Dawood Ibrahim—who used the extensive network of landing bases across the western coast to transport arms and explosives for the attack.

And despite his claims of innocence the CBI found Yakub Memon, the chartered accountant guilty under the following charges:

Distributing funds: The money was arranged by his absconding brother and co-accused Ayub Memon to achieve objectives of the conspiracy.

Travel Arrangements: As a travel agent Yakub also arranged for the travel, and stay of the young men sent for training to Pakistan.

Handing over Ammunition: Yakub also allegedly collected and handed over 85 hand-grenades from one of the co-accused to the other.

And despite the weight of the evidence against him, Yakub who'd fled to Dubai with the rest of the family the night before the bombings, came back and surrendered to the CBI on July 28, 1994.

In his own words he explained, “I returned to India to help the investigating authorities and to clear the stigma forced on my family."

Little did he know, that he would be facing the gallows at the end of a 13-year long trial.

Complicity of the family

* His brother's Essa and Yusuf have got life sentences because their flats were used to plan the attacks and their garages were where the RDX was packed into the cars.

* Rubeena was found guilty for allowing her Maruti van to be used for terrorist activities.

The TADA court has given the first family of the attacks 3 life sentences and one death the message is very clear what goes around comes around.