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Dec 24, 2011 at 10:42pm IST

How you can help the homeless this winters

New Delhi: A handful of Delhi's residents went out of their way to help the poor and the needy. CNN-IBN witnessed the heartwarming scenes as it spent another cold night with the homeless in Delhi.

It's turning into a bitter winter and their resources are running short. Many of the homeless in Delhi will struggle to make it through the cold season without help from people like Amit Sinha. Amit's NGO 'Jamghat' has been working among street children and the homeless for eight years. CNN-IBN joined his unique initiative which he calls the 'Night walk'.

"Night walk is done to make people realise the condition of the people on the streets, their needs and wants," Amit said.

The Night walk shows the ugly side of the city and also the scary side. For those who walk along distributing blankets and giving away used clothes, it's a humbling experience.

Amit's rationale behind this initiative is that it sensitises one about the realities of the street. The resources are limited and distribution is a complex problem.

That's where NGOs like Anshu Gupta's 'Goonj' come in. Goonj manages the back end of the relief work. It's now the single largest provider of blankets to the city's poor.

"The winter is a bigger disaster than an earthquake for it kills every year," Anshu said.

It's not easy for those at Gunj for, sadly, not all those who practice charity do so with dignity.

Some others like the St Columbus School help out by opening their basement to destitutes. So, in this season of giving, you too can do your bit and save a few from the cold. But remember to give away the right blanket.

You can do your bit by writing in to anshu@goonj.org to contribute money, woolens and medicines.

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