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Oct 13, 2006 at 08:42am IST

Human aid for God’s own monkey

Thiruvantharapuram (Kerala): Raman the monkey lies injured in a hospital and the people of a village in North Kerala, are praying his recovery and safe return.

Monkeys may be a cause of chaos for many. However, for the villagers, Raman is their best friend.

From bringing down a bunch of coconuts to collecting clothes from the drying lines, Raman has done it all for them. That is why they miss today and fondly remember him.

“He loved eating curd rice. And we would give him sweets whenever he came to our shops,” says a villager, George.

Raman had climbed on to a transformer while being chased by a dog and got electrocuted. He was brought to the hospital with severe burn injuries. However, the monkey is well on its way to recovery.

”We will discharge him in two days,” says the Dean of Pookodu College, P P Balakrishnan.

The authorities however, are skeptical about sending Raman back to the village.

Raman belongs to an endangered species of monkeys called Lori. And now after the monkey’s close call with death, they don’t want to take any chances.