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Apr 29, 2013 at 01:13pm IST

Hundreds still missing after building collapse kills 300 in Dhaka

Dhaka: Hundreds of people are still missing after Wednesday's collapse of a building in Dhaka which killed nearly 300 people.

Rescue operators are working non-stop for over 48 hours looking for survivors as a factory building collapsed in Dhaka on Wednesday.

Ria Begum was amongst the lucky ones who were saved but she makes a strong note against her company's management. She says, "We did not want to go up in the factory this morning but the management forced us to go up and said that there was no problem with the building. Just after I sat at my table to work, the building just collapsed. I could not even leave, I was trapped at my table."

Protests began immediately after it was ascertained that the factory owners ignored warnings of cracks in the building on tuesday, putting lives of more than 2000 people who worked in this building at risk. Estimates show there maybe 300 more trapped under this rubble.

Chief of the rescue operation, Major General Hasan says, "The rescue operation are continuing on priority to rescue those alive first and second, those who are dead, we look for them."

Many have been looking for their loved ones as this tragedy this has struck. Sister of one of the missing people - Nargis says, "For the last three days I have been looking for my sister, but no trace. I want get my sister back alive or dead, you people please help me get her."

With every moment passing by, the hope of survival of the rest diminishes and all that these family members can do now is hope that they could hear from their loved ones once again.