Jul 05, 2012 at 01:54pm IST

Hyderabad: Prisoner goes on stabbing spree, inmate killed, 5 injured

Hyderabad: A prisoner was killed and five others injured in an attack by a fellow prisoner with a pair of scissors in Cherlapally Central Prison near Hyderabad in the wee hours of Wednesday. The prisoner, Dasari Narasimhulu (45) from Nizamabad, has been jailed for attempt to murder in 2008. He is about to be released in three months. His behavior is unpredictable all the time, according to KL Srinivasa Rao, superintended of the prison.

Narasimhulu reportedly said he does not want to get released as he had a life threat from his family members. So, he attacked the other inmates, killing one, said the superintendent. “Narasimhulu used a pair of scissors, which he uses to cut his mustache, to stab his fellow inmates. The scissor is a bit bigger than the normal size,” explained the superintendent.

Narasimhulu was put in Swarnamukhi barracks, enclosure No 11, where 20 inmates aged 55 to 65 are lodged. In the attack, which lasted just 10 minutes, K Venkataiah (61) from Kusanagi village in Medak district died on the spot and another inmate, S Chalapathi Rao (60), a life convict from Kukatpally, was injured severely. Four others were wounded. They are: R Ushaiah (65) from Medak, P Venkata Swamy (58) from Nalgonda, MD Ismail (50) from Nalgonda and R Basavaiah (60) from Hanmakonda. All the injured were rushed to Gandhi Hospital and are said to be out of danger. Prison guards overpowered Narasimhulu and put him in a special cell, said the prison superintend.

Hyderabad: Prisoner goes on stabbing spree

A prisoner was killed and five others injured in an attack by a fellow prisoner with a pair of scissors.

One of the injured, Ushaiah, said , “Narasimhulu kept awake through the night. He was restless and was seen walking all the time. Around 4.30 am, when we were getting up, Narasimhulu got disturbed and attacked us with his scissors. We were unable to control him as we are all old people and it was happened in just 10 minutes.” Two jail warders, Laxminaidu and Krishnaiah, were suspended immedialtely as they failed to assess the situation and control it in time, said the superintendent.

“The exact reason for the attack is yet to be known” he said. Home minister Sabita Indra Reddy ordered suspension of the two warders. She also ordered a probe into the incident. DIG of police (prisons) G Jayavardhan will conduct the investigation.