Mar 13, 2012 at 12:49pm IST

Hyderabad second among Andhra Pradesh districts in domestic violence

HYDERABAD: Krishna district now stands first and Hyderabad second in number of cases registered under Protection of Women From Domestic Violence Act, in the last five years. The total number of cases registered, stands at a staggering 16,077 according to records of Department of Women Development and Child Welfare (DWDCW). Nearly 2,290 cases have been registered in Krishna district, 1,775 in Hyderabad, 1,133 in East Godavari, 985 in Prakasam and 889 in Guntur.
“All cases have been registered in various police stations across the state. In a recent survey by the DWDCW, it is found that 80 percent of  case of domestic violence against women have not been registered,” said M Vijaya Lakshmi, assistant director, DWDCW.  All the victims have been provided counselling, protection, residence, custody, compensation (from `500 to `5,000 per month from husband or relatives) following orders from the magistrate, she informed. “In the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) Scheme, our department has recently launched awareness programmes on atrocities and domestic violence against women and women rights in all villages with help of anganwadi staff,” she said.
Organisations for women empowerment, say even in 21st century a woman lives in a feudalistic society and she does not have freedom to express herself. G Jhansi, state general secretary, Progressive Organisation for Women, said they have been advising the government to emphasise gender sensitisation of police personnel, minimise delay in investigation, improve quality of investigations and set up women education centres in every mandal, but there was no response from the government.
NCRB Report: Data from the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) showed that the number of crimes against women recorded is 76,924 in AP from 2008 to 2010.
 This is the highest in India for a state and Andhra Pradesh has topped this dubious list each consecutive year for three years, till 2010.
Number of Registered atrocity cases against women: According to the figures of Department of Women Development and Child Welfare (AP), as many as 16,077 cases for compensation were reported till date for the last five years.
The offences included killing for dowry, physical assault and harassment at workplaces. Most of the complaints received by the State Human Rights Commission related to atrocities against women by police.
Compensation list: Government of AP provides relief to women who are victims of atrocities, like rape, kidnap, dowry harassment and trafficking through the DWDCW. The compensation list is: Gang rape-Rs1 lakh, acid attack-Rs 1lakh, rape-Rs 50,000, hacked or throat slit-Rs 50,000, dowry death-Rs 50,000, kidnap-Rs 20,000 and trafficking-Rs 10,000.
 The total number of beneficiaries through DWDCW in last five years is 1,147.  
The number of gangrapes (41), rape cases (260), dowry deaths (154) trafficking (689), kidnappings (3).

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