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Feb 23, 2009 at 08:23pm IST

I din't expect this at all: A R Rahman

Indian music maestro AR Rahman won the Oscar for his original score in the highly acclaimed movie Slumdog Millionaire.

CNN-IBN caught up with the King of music in an exclusive interview post the Oscars ceremony.

CNN-IBN: How did it feel to get an Oscar, did you expect two Oscars?

A R Rahman: Nope, I dint even expect one. In fact when I went there, I told people that don't even expect one and don't be heart broken . I was really excited.

CNN-IBN: You got the first Oscar and then you got another. How did it feel when you got the second one?

A R Rahman: The first one was awesome, hyper. After the first one, I had to go and perform so I was more nervous about that. The second one was more relaxed.

CNN-IBN: How do you think this is going to work for you internationally, Will you be now involved in more international projects?

A R Rahman: I am not worried about myself. It is a great statement for India, it is about optimism, hope which we all need.

CNN-IBN: You have spent some short time on this sound track, do you think you would get such results?

A R Rahman: No way, not even one per cent. I think it is just a great combination of good film and lots more.