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Oct 23, 2012 at 09:38pm IST

I respect Arvind Kejriwal, but I'm not a political agent: Anna aide Annie Kohli

New Delhi: There was more drama between Anna Hazare aide and former India Against Corruption activist Annie Kohli and Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday. Annie Kohli said she was not allowed to meet Kejriwal on Tuesday morning at first. She also said that she wasn't a political agent as claimed by IAC activists. She said she was wrongly being branded by IAC activist as a political agent.

However, she later met Kejriwal and said that she discussed her problems with Kejriwal. "Kejriwal heard my problem, he assured me that he will talk to Mayank Gandhi. I respect Kejriwal ji," Annie said.

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Annie also said that though in the movement against corruption, she was with Kejriwal, she did not support his political campaign. She said there were no differences between her and Kejriwal.

On Sunday, as Kejriwal called yet another press conference on corruption, he was waylaid by his former colleagues in Team Anna. After a barrage of questions from one of them, Annie Kohli, Kejriwal beat a hasty retreat, only to come out later and rubbish her questions.

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Kohli and her team protested outside Kejriwal's office, and there were even posters put up against him. Ironically, Kejriwal came under fire at a dramatic press conference he had called to protest alleged police excesses against his team mates.

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