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Mar 28, 2013 at 08:33pm IST

I saw prison officials beat Chamel Singh to death: Eyewitness

Lahore/Srinagar: After Indian prisoner Chamel Singh's brutal death in a Lahore jail, an eyewitness has come out and confirmed that Singh was indeed beaten to death by jail authorities. The ex-inmate, Tehsin Khan, who is a lawyer, was in the same jail when Chamel Singh was brutalized and killed.

Tehsin Khan said, "I was also in the same jail that day. Jail officials killed him in my presence. He died on the spot. Pakistani doctors said he had six injuries." Going one step further in his account of the incident, Khan also added that, "I am ready to give testimony to back what I am saying."

In Srinagar on Thursday, Bharatiya Janata Party and Panther's Party MLAs held protests at the Jammu and Kashmir Assembly against the alleged torture and death of Chamel Singh in Pakistan.

An initial autopsy report had indicated that the 40-year-old was beaten to death inside a Lahore jail. The Jammu and Kashmir government had on Wednesday said that it will approach the Centre to seek the post-mortem report.

While the Centre says it has been raising the issue with Pakistan, Islamabad maintained a probe is already underway. The Ministry of External Affairs has responded to the issue saying, "The High Commission of India has taken up the case with the Pakistan foreign ministry several times since January and has also brought it up with Pakistan High Commission officials in Delhi, especially after Chamel Singh's body was returned on March 13. We will continue to raise our concerns on the case with Pakistani government."