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Jun 28, 2012 at 06:58pm IST

I spied for India, but no one bothered: Surjeet Singh

Wagah border: Surjeet Singh, the Indian prisoner who returned from Pakistan on Thursday says he is very happy to be back. He says he is happy to see his "Punjabi brothers in turban".

However, he was a bit apprehensive about telling why he went to Pakistan. When pressed further, he confessed that he went to the neighbouring country to spy for India, adding that no one asked for him when he was arrested.

Here's the transcript of his conversation with CNN-IBN's Jyoti Kamal:

I spied for India, but no one bothered: Surjeet Singh

Surjeet Singh blamed the Pakistani media for the confusion over his release, saying Sarabjit's clemency report sparked protests.

Jyoti Kamal: Surjeet ji how happy are you? Thirty one years is a very long time.

Surjeet Singh: I am happy, everything is fine.

Jyoti Kamal: There was a confusion whether they are leaving Sarabjit or Surjeet.

Surjeet Singh: That was media's mistake. Sarabjit and Surjeet both are written the same way in Urdu, you understand? When people used to come to meet him (Sarabjit) they used to come to me, and when some one had to meet me they used to go to Sarabjit by mistake, that happened. They thought Sarabjit had to be released but it was me who had to be released. I was also pushing for my release. Then Rehman Malik asked what is this, then outside protest started that why are you releasing him (Sarabjit).

Jyoti Kamal: When you went across the border, what you went to Pakistan for?

Surjeet Singh: Don't ask this again then BSF…

Jyoti Kamal: Still tell.

Surjeet Singh: I was sent there for spying.

Jyoti Kamal: Nobody asked for you during that time?

Surjeet Singh: Nobody.

Jyoti Kamal: But how happy are you to be back?

Surjeet Singh: I am very happy, very happy to be in Punjab with my family and children. When I see my Punjabi brothers in turban I feel happy. We were confined in a small room. It was a 12x10 room.