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Oct 23, 2007 at 02:04pm IST

I was under house arrest: Chiranjeevi's daughter

Hyderabad/ New Delhi: It’s a plot straight from Tollywood, only this time it's for real. The Delhi High Court has asked the police to provide protection to Chiranjeevi's daughter and her husband after the couple eloped, got married and fled to the Capital.

Srija and Sirish eloped and got married on October 17 against the wishes of the megastar and fearing Chiranjeevi's wrath, fled to Delhi driving 48 hours from Hyderabad.

Srija told CNN-IBN that she has been under house arrest for virtually a year.

“It’s been a couple of years since we met and we never thought it would end this way but for the last one year we have been planning to do this because I have been under house arrest and I have also been getting marriage proposals,” she said.

“I did tell him many times but he never liked our relationship for various reasons. I will go back to AP if the police there gives us protection at least for some time,” she added.

"The couple is now married and they should receive whatever police protection they require," their lawyer Pinky Anand said in the Capital on Monday.

But like a good Indian potboiler, this one also seems set for a happy ending with Srija's family accepting the marriage on national television and then their lawyer assuring the court that the couple faces no threat from the family.

The superstar’s brother Pavan Kalyan has also come out in support of Chiranjeevi and his family saying, “How can they (the newlyweds) think that we can harm them. We will be happy, if they are happy. There is no need to fear.”

But the court has given Chiranjeevi's family time till October 29 to legally clarify their stand.

As for the young couple, they seem to have pulled off quite a coup cocking a snook at a powerful father, getting married on live television with Srija wearing jeans with a saree draped over it.

"I am very happy and I hope they bless me and accept me,” said Srija.

"This shows how love has won in the end. We thank all our friends," said Srija's husband Sirish Bhardwaj.

When asked when they plan to return home, Srija chalked out some conditions before they head back to to Hyderabad, “I request my father to seek police protection in AP and only then I will return,” she said.

For Chiranjeevi, life seems to be one long flashback. After all, even his older daughter Sushmita's marriage with Telugu actor was called off.

Chiranjeevi has himself played the runaway groom in his 1998 film Choodalani Vundi, where he played the role of Ramakrishna who elopes with the daughter of a powerful man.

Watch: Chiranjeevi's daughter gives her side of the story

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