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Jun 20, 2013 at 12:00pm IST

I was warned that Bollywood functions differently, says Dhanush

New Delhi: Having been in southern film industry for around 12 years, Bollywood still is oblivious to one of South's most popular actor Dhanush. Only known as superstar Rajinikanth's son-in-law and the 'Kolaveri Di' singer in Bollywood, Dhanush is all set to make his presence felt in the Hindi film industry with his upcoming film 'Raanjhanaa'.

But it has not been an easy for the actor to switch gears and make a shift to Bollywood films. Dhanush plays a character who belongs to Varanasi and the actor had to learn to speak in fluent Hindi. "Speaking Hindi is the toughest thing I have ever done. Not just in terms of cinema but also otherwise. It is yet to sink in to see myself speak Hindi on screen", says Dhanush.

When asked if co-actor Sonam Kapoor has been helping in making him feel comfortable with the new language, Dhanush immediately replies, "No one taught me Hindi, they all failed at it. But, after a lot of practice it happened."

Was warned that Bollywood functions differently: Dhanush

'Raanjhanaa' is Dhanush's first stint in Bollywood but the actor feels that there is no difference between Bollywood and Tollywood.

But at the same time, Dhanush maintains that Sonam has been very cooperative throughout the shooting of the film. "Sonam was very patient. She did not laugh at me even once when I had difficulty with Hindi."

Hindi might have been a soft spot for the actor, but Dhanush is quite confident of his role in 'Raanjhanaa'. "I think everyone can relate to Kundan, the character that I play in 'Raanjhanaa'. People give up on love easily, so 'Raanjhanaa' will help them instill their faith in love," he adds.

Though, 'Raanjhanaa' is Dhanush's first stint in Bollywood but the actor feels that there is no difference between Bollywood and Tollywood. "I was warned that Bollywood functions differently, but I found it almost the same. At the end, they all make films."

But despite much buzz around his Bollywood debut, Dhanush is not looking forward to Bollywood. "I am not looking forward to a career in Bollywood. Right now my only concern is 'Raanjhanaa'. I want to see how the audiences react to my acting in the film."

When asked that with Bollywood's obsession with muscular men, does he see himself getting into the same shape for more Bollywood offers, pat comes the reply, "'Raanjhanaa' is my 26th film in 12 years. I have done roles suiting my body and looks. I am sure that the audience loves me this way and I also like myself this way."